The new MAXQDA 2022 is available

The new MAXQDA 2022 is available

MAXQDA for Windows & Mac released brand new features that help you to analyze faster and smarter. Conduct your research with efficient tools and save precious time!


Where all results and theories come together

Questions – Themes – Theories (QTT)

QTT is a new, innovative workspace, to support you during the analysis phase after coding. It is the perfect place to collect relevant insights and develop new theories. Create worksheets to collect all relevant codes, memos, visualizations and more. Organize your results by topic and add your conclusions. Finally export your insights gathered for one research question in a well-structured report.

Sometimes it comes down to just one word

The Word Explorer

Our new dashboard provides you with an overview about where, how often and which context a word or phrase is used in your project. Elements are interactive so you can jump from the dashboard to view the sources or complete frequency lists.

Identify Patterns

Profile Comparison Chart

Easily identify relations and patterns. Visually compare documents, speakers, document groups or sets. Explore patterns in code assignments and variable values and create typologies.

Summarize your Aspects or Topics

Code & Document Summary section

We have gone one step further in summarizing data and introduced summary functions at the code and document level. Easily summarize main aspects of a case or topic and write them directly in a summary table.

Deep Dive into your Survey Data

New tools for analysing open-ended questions

Analyzing answers to open-ended questions in MAXQDA has always been a strong point. The new responses workspace adds powerful features to work with survey data.

Add-On: MAXQDA TeamCloud

Analyze as a Team

Secure & seamless cloud collaboration

It has always been easy to collaborate as a team in MAXQDA. The new Teamwork Cloud integrates collaboration even deeper into your workflow!

Share you files with your team

Share files with your team via a secure cloud space, invite colleagues to contribute their work, analyze offline, and decide when and what to import from your team members.


Discover all new MAXQDA 2022 features here: