MAXQDA Two Platforms —One Experience

Two Platforms —One Experience

Being the only leading QDA software with identical functionality on Win as well as Mac, MAXQDA looks and feels exactly the same on both platforms.
If you are not convinced yet, the following points will definitely win you over, so here is why MAXQDA is the best solution for Mac on the market:

Full range of functionality

Most Mac solutions provided by other companies are limited editions of their Windows solutions —often they are so different that you need two separate sets of manuals. Our software offers 100% research power and 100% state-of-the-art functionality —the Mac version is identical to the Windows version. In short: it’s the same.
By the way: MAXQDA works with universal project files –.mx20 (MAXQDA 2020), .mx18 (MAXQDA 2018) or .mx12 (MAXQDA 12) – which can be opened and edited with both Windows and Mac.

Perfect for teams and teaching

We know that research is often a team effort. That is why it is so important to us that you are able to collaborate with co-researchers without needing to worryabout cross-platform compatibility. Our Mac and Windows versions work togetherseamlessly. If you are teaching, you and your students will only have to get to know one interface,regardless of yourcomputer preference.

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The Best Choice for Your Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research

If you are looking for a QDA software for Mac with 100% functionality and research power:MAXQDA has all you need!